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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year & New Beginings

So much has happened this past year good and bad. Johnathon lost his job, lost what I thought was good friends, Andrea started having seizures again, reconnecting with old friends and family, Johnathon getting fireman of the year, school going good and losing 106 pounds, making new friends. As I go over what all happened I realized I am truly blessed with so much in my life. By keeping my faith and turning to GOD he made sure our needs where taken care of, I removed all negativity and drama from my life and my family's.
I've changed a lot this past year and found myself again. I am so looking forward to 2010and seeing what is in-store. I know this year will be brighter and better Johnathon starts his new job Jan.4, school is going awesome, losing my last 64 pounds, Johnathon and mine 10 year wedding anniversary, and so much more. This year will be less drama, going to take life slow, enjoy everything, not let things get to me, rid my life of all the fake and 2faced people in it. Live life closer to GOD and my family, going to stop yelling and getting mad over stupid things.
I'm so thankful for all in my life and for what GOD has blessed me with. Because without him in my life I would still be lost and we never would of made it through 2009.
So here is to a better and brighter year and a better me. Remember to take life slow, enjoy everything, don't let the little things bring you down, thank and praise GOD, family is everything and no one needs to deal with drama, fake and 2faced people they only bring you down.
Have a wonderful, drama free, AWESOME and AMAZING 2010. I will keep you updated on things.

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