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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New school year & new changes :)

My oh my where did the summer go?! There is so many changes & fresh starts going on in our lives & specially mine:) This past Monday was my last day of running my daycare, after 10 years of doing daycare I closed my doors so I can go to school full time and get my degree in Nursing and Medical Assistant. The kids started school this Tuesday and so far they are loving it....here is to a awesome & good year!
Besides the daycare closing & school starting for me & the kids I have started working out again & so I can get fit & I am LOVING IT:) I also have done a lot of soul searching found an awesome church & going again & putting GOD in charge of my life & by doing that I had to rid my life of all the negative things & to stop worrying about what people think or say but know my family is happy & so am I and we are doing wonderful. Still fighting the inner battle and its gotten pretty bad but I am over coming it & getting stronger. Also dealing with my health problems two weeks ago I was in the hospital for a blood transfusion & Wednesday I will be having a biopsy done...praying that I don't have cancer but all I can do is put it in God's hands.

Here are a couple of pictures of what has been going on.

I cant believe how fast my babies are growing up! Johnathon in 8th, Nathaniel in 7th, Andrea in 5th & Madelyn in 2nd! Cherish every moment & take life and everything you go through One step-one day at a time ♥ find the beauty & peace within everyone& everything ♥ take time for the simple things in life ♥ count your many blessings ♥ for life is beautiful & amazing ♥

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