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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

~* A Day In the Life of a "Susie Homemaker" *~

I love the fact that I am a SAHM and taking care of everyone's needs....its a wonderful feeling knowing that I can do this.But there is some people that say what we do is not work and all we do is sit at home well to those people I say your wrong here is just one day of many busy days of a "susie homemaker"


~ up & work out
~ shower & get ready for the day
~ get munchkins up & dressed
~ fix breakfast
~ take oldest to school & get younger ones ready for the bus
~take younger ones to the bus stop
~ daycare kiddos arrive
~ fix daycare kids breakfast
~ clean up morning mess ( dishes, sweep,put dishes away)
~daycare activities

~fix lunch for daycare kids
~ clean up daycare mess from playing & sweep floors & get ready for nap time
~ daycare kids down for a nap
~clean up lunch mess
~ work on homework
~ get snack ready for after nap time

~ kids home from school & nap time over
~ snack & homework & arts and crafts time
~ get daycare kiddos ready to go home

~ pick up kids for after school activities or sports
~ game (if there is one)
~ fix dinner
~ school for me
~dishes & clean up dinner mess
~kids ready for bed
~ movie time
~tuck kiddos in & sweet dreams for them
~ work more on homework
~clean up living room
~ shower & bed

So all I have to say is where do I have time to just sit and watch TV and not do nothing. This list does not include any little things that come up either. A stay at home mom does so much and we all should feel appreciated for all we do. And remember to do everything with a smile because by doing it that way it makes you feel good. I know I have been trying to do everything with a smile & I got my make up on & hair done and by doing it that way I feel good about everything I am doing.

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