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Thursday, December 30, 2010

~* REFLECTION ON 2010 *~

2010 has been one crazy year! I have been emotionally, physically drained & the same with my family. We have lost a lot of people well they chose to walk out of our lives & I can honestly say life is better with out them, less drama but it hurts to see how hateful family can be but it is their loss & they are the ones missing out on a lot that they may never be able to be apart of. Saw the true side of people, people that I considered to be "family" and then they go behind my back to talk to others placing judgment about me but all I can do is walk away because I'm a bigger person & pray for them. Mom having surgery & then going down hill, having to take care of her. Being hospitalized & having 2 surgeries & going through complications, being told I never should of had children & its a miracle I have them & that survived childbirth. Moving in to a new home & knowing that people actually wanted this to happen or to ruin a family but you know all you took was a house you didn't destroy me or my family because the love & memories is still with us & it actually brought us closer & stronger:) A lot has happened this past year but now that I look back at everything life is better & more beautiful because of us going through this & I am a stronger women for it. I'm closer to my mom & step dad, we have a better home & are happier, I'm blessed with beautiful children & an amazing husband, family & marriage is stronger & we are closer, and everyone that has chose to walk out of our lives or to hurt me with their words has only made me stronger & I found the real me someone you will never get to know & life is more peaceful with out all the drama they brought before. I am truly grateful for all the ones that are still in our lives & that are true, to the new friends I have now well actually you are more then friends you are family & to the beautiful life I have. I am ready to start 2011 with a new out look on life & there will be many changes, big one to that & unfortunately some more people will be out of my life but I can't live a life full of drama, 2faced people, hatred, people that only say they care for you because they are nosy or do anything they can to get attention and unfortunately its negative, people full of negativeness. After everything I have been through this past year I see things & people in a different light.... you need to embrace the day & all of your blessings, be helpful, caring, loving, say a kind word or just a smile & don't cast judgment upon others, take life slow, enjoy everything around you, know how blessed you are & let the ones you care for know how much they are loved, stop to smell the roses, laugh more....enjoy life & all that is thrown & handed to you....because no matter how bad things seem in the end when you look back at everything you have been through a blessing came out of it. So here is to a better, stronger, happier, healthier me, more beautiful family, and an amazing year:)

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