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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~ Feeling blahhhhh until.......~

Even though we was finally able to go outside and play and the sun did come out for a little I have felt very blahhhhhh all day. My son Nate (13) and I have been going at it and he has been fighting with his other brother (also 13).....let me give you a little back ground on Nate he has Tourette's , ADD/ADHD with anger & really bad impulses if not on his medication. And he has not been on it now for 2 days because of insurance but will be back on it tomorrow. His doctor is trying to get him to realise how his attitude and the impulses affect others if not he wont be able to what he wants and that is to become a Marine & police officer. Just when I was giving up on any hope of him seeing this and just wanted to go to my room and cry he comes up to me and goes...

NATE: mom i know i have been bad today and have been testing you but i am sorry. i love you mom and all you do for and the family.
MOM: nate........*crying now* i love you and that means a lot to me.

Then my youngest daughter goes......

MADDIE: who wants to hear a story i wrote
MOM & DAD: we do!!!!
MADDIE: its called Mommy & Daddy. I love you mommy and daddy alot. Thay are funny. They are a fary good shef. Thay owys macke the best colad ever. And thay macke the best brones ever to.
The EnD
MOM & DAD: that is very good sweetie
MADDIE: thank you im starting to become a arthor.

Couldn't help but smile and laugh. Just when I thought my day couldn't get better God sent me two little reminders of how good life is. Children can always cheer you up. Oh here is what it says when spelled right."It's called Mommy & Daddy. I love you mommy and daddy a lot. They are funny. They are very good chefs. They always make the best koolaide ever. And they make the best brownies to. The End." I just love the way little ones write when they are still learning....so cute:)

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