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Friday, November 27, 2009

~ I miss you Daddy ~

Jan. 16,2001 my world came crashing down. I got the phone call no one wants specially at the age of 20. My mom called me in the morning and asked to talk to my husband and you could tell she was very upset so I thought it had to do with my grandma. Well Johnathon had to have her repeat herself 3 times till he understood. He hurried up and got dressed and was leaving when I asked him what was wrong and he would not tell me finally bout the 3rd time of me asking he finally told me "your dad is dead"....I remember standing there in shock not believing him. Well after he left to go to my dad's house I went there too and when I walked in his house I saw my daddy laying on the kitchen floor ( a picture I can not get rid of ) it was true my daddy was gone. It has been almost 9 years and it is still hard at times...I miss him he never got to see my youngest daughter or watch his other grandchildren grow up. I went through a lot of emotions anger, hatred, depression and still dealing with some.But I know he never left me he is in my memories and watches over me & my family. So I wrote this poem to get my feelings out.


You brought me into this world and you loved me.
You watched me grow and you made me laugh.
My heart is gone, my life taken away, but our memories together will last forever.
GOD called you home so you can be at peace.
But I know you are not that far from me.
The gentle breeze,I hear your voice
The rays of sun upon my face, I know your watching
The cries of my children, I hear your voice
The little whisper in my head, I hear your voice.
You are all around you've never left,by my side I know you'll be.
I close my eyes, I see your face
I feel your embrace.
Even though GOD took you home I know your here to keep me safe.

I Love You Daddy

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