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Friday, November 27, 2009

~Leasons learned~

After spending the weekend with my family it made me think a lot about life. Life is to short to hold grudges towards others and worry about what others think of you. Its your life live it to the fullest with the ones that mean the most to you and pray for those that are still lost. Family is all we have in the end our "friends " will either leave us because we don't live the same life style any more or you find out that they are just fake and two faced and you don't need that kind of drama and negativity in your life because all it does is bring you down and hold you back. Well as I sat there thinking of about everything and how things have changed over the past 10 years. Life has just passed us by so fast that some of us is not close any more or even truly know one another all because we chose to listen to what others have said about us. But for the first time in 10 years all of us sat around together ( all but two sisters) and talked, became close and all the kids played and gotten to know each other more. This is how our lives should be not full of hatred and anger over what we have heard bout others. I can honestly say that after being in the family for 10 years now I finally feel like I belong I mean some people of the family still treat me & my son like dirt and like we never should of became part of it but you know I love the man I am with and he is an awesome father to my son. Because of how these few select people make me & my son feel I do stop and think that maybe life would of been and would be better for everyone if we never where apart of it. But you know that only makes them won the battle I am not going anywhere and if you can not accept me and my son for who we are then my family does not need you in it I hate to sound like that but that is how I feel we don't need the drama that you bring or the negative feelings. All we can do is pray that GOD touches your heart and you one day see what you are doing. For you treat others how you want to be treated for it will come back to you 2X fold in the end. I am so blessed to have all the memories that I have some are bad but you know I don't dwell on those for the good one out number and out weigh the bad. I have 5 beautiful,wonderful children, an amazing husband that I love with all my heart and he is my rock, a few close friends that are family, and an amazing family that is always there for you. It doesn't matter what others think or say about you , what matters is how you live your life for in the end only one person will judge us and that person will determine if we all will meet again on the other side. It doesn't matter how others live, don't fill you life with worries, drama or negative things or people, count you blessings no matter how big or small they are, cherish everything in your life. And remember to forgive others for what they do to you no one said forget but forgive them for living a life full of hatred and anger will only bring you down and make you r life unhappy.You know I sometimes wonder why people think the way they do I mean why do you judge someone when you yourself don't really know the person. I mean because of this attitude I feel like I am not wanted not excepted into the family unless you truly know me don't judge me or say this is how I am because you don't know me. Yea I put up a wall but only to protect myself from others I have been hurt to much to let people do that again. So unless you truly know me stop talking about me and making me out to be someone I am not. Because what you say about me or my family will only come back to hurt you in the end.

Well enough with that just needed to get some feelings out now on to an update on things Madelyn goes Thursday to see if she finally gets her cast off, finally got my midterm in English and I am getting an A :) Life is really busy around here baseball starting, school,LA for the fire department, and birthdays, cook outs, family trips. So much going on but its going to be so much fun :) Well that is all for now & I will let y'all know how court goes in May....only if i could take pictures ;)

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